Sunday, April 8, 2012

the fonua's

Yesterday was a really special day for our family. My cousin Haili and her husband and family went through the temple together. It was the first time someone I'm really close to has went through the temple so it was exciting and fun to see. Haili is my first cousin on my moms side (her mom and my mom are sisters, but we are really more like sisters than cousins. We've went through a lot together) Haili and June have been married for almost 3 years now and have 4 beautiful kids. I've seen their relationship since the beginning and they've come SO far. They've been through pretty much everything that you could think of that would test a relationship. They've experienced some of the hardest trials together, one of those things being loosing their only daughter Seliniesi, and rather than turning to the worldly things to try and block out the pain (drinking, drugs, etc.) they turned to the lord and the gospel. Junior (Haili's husband) originally wasn't a member of the church, but after Selini, he completely turned his life around and later on ended up being baptized and now has his melchezidek priesthood. He is a great husband and father and you can just tell how much he appreciates his role as a priesthood holder. He is a great example to us girls in our family in how our future spouses should be. Haili is one of the strongest women I know. She has been through a lot but is always humble. She truly just always wants to help others and make them happy. I don't know many people that could go through what Haili has went through. They both have made their mistakes in life, they never claim to be perfect, but like the saying goes, "it's not what you've done but how you overcome it" and I'm so happy and proud of the choices they've made and how far they've come. I can't tell them how much of an example they are to me and everyone that knows them. You see it so much now-a-days, especially in younger couples I think, that when the going gets tough, they turn to the worldly things for help. Drugs, alcohol, going out/partying..those types of things...but to turn the other way, the right way when you are hurting/struggling the most, that takes true strength. It's always easier to do wrong than it is to do right. But hard work pays off and now they're together eternally and they'll get to be with Seliniesi again.

I'm so grateful for this gospel, the atonement, our Savior, and the plan of Salvation. And for Haili and June and their little family. (: I love my family! Here's some pics from this weekend!

her first day out nd about!


  1. Haili looked BEAUTIFUL... congrats Fonuas!

  2. Nice...I'm excited for them, i mean i don't know em lol but ya can't help but to be excited with them and for them knowing they've come that far!! Congrats to your cousin =)

  3. Awwww!! Congrats Haili!! She looks so beautiful! :) oh and i was thinking about u over the weekend bcuz we were in Anaheim!