Monday, June 9, 2014

Curiosity Killed the Cat

…or in this case, the proposal.     -_-

Yes, I found out it was going to happen before it happened but I totally didn't mean to….but terrible none the less.

Taking it back to the evening of Wednesday, January 15th 2014. He had a church ball game that night and afterwards we went to his house so he could shower. While he was in the shower I was sitting in his room…..just waiting……bored. So, after running out of things to look at on my phone, I was looking at things on his phone. One of the 'things' being his messages. hahaha. Don't judge me, I'm not a psycho girlfriend, I promise. Lol. One of his text conversations specifically were with one of his mission companions and his companion asked him if he'd proposed yet. To that Muka responded, "No not yet, but I'm going to this upcoming Monday. I talked to her parents and everything."


My heart started beating so fast and hard. It took everything in me to calm myself before he got out of the shower. I read that message so fast like 5+ times. haha. Than I put his phone back where it was and had a mini panic attack. haha. I HAD to tell someone. But I knew I couldn't call and tell my mom or sisters, they'd tell Muka for sure. I couldn't tell my girl cousins I'm close with because they would for sure tell their moms or my mom/sisters. So I called my good friend that I work with, Malesah…..she didn't answer. -__-  So I group txt two of my close friends that know practically everything about my relationship, Jennie and Cassie. They were texting me back like crazy over the news but I had to hurry and delete the messages and turn my ringer off because I could hear Muka getting out of the shower and coming to his room! (I'm absolutely dying even more at this point.)

He comes in the room & I play it off the best I can. He gives me a kiss. But that simple quick kiss meant just a little more than any other kiss due to the fact that I knew/had proof that he was ready and committed to asking me one of the biggest questions of anyones life! You know the saying, "made my heart smile." Well not many times can I say that I truly felt that. But this night was definitely one of them.

Than it kicked in that I knew the surprise and I felt terrible.. haha.

Fast forward a few days, he found out I knew because Jennie and Cassie just didn't want it to happen with me knowing…they wanted me to experience the moment so they ended up telling my mom and my mom telling Muka… I couldn't be mad at that. They had the best intentions. But I felt worse when I knew that he knew. But he played it off every day as if he didn't. Such a sweet heart. Oh how the mission calmed his nerves. haha. (;

Monday rolls around, January 20th, which happens to be our anniversary, our 8 year anniversary! I totally loved that he did it that day. It's funny because like 2 weeks prior I told my sister she should suggest to Muka that he should propose on our anniversary or on my birthday. haha. I said that not really thinking it'd happen.

Anyways! I woke up that morning and said a prayer first thing. I asked the lord if there was any way he could make it so that if the proposal were to happen that day, that he could help me to experience it as if I never knew. That I could have that moment and that Muka could as well. That my face or body language wouldn't ruin it for him.
And so it was.
& I know the lord sent out a special blessing that evening for Muka and I. Because it happened and I truly was surprised and caught off guard.

His sister and her family were in from out of state and he told me they wanted to go out to dinner that night and that we were going to a fancy restaurant so everyone was dressing up. We went out to dinner, I didn't really expect it there…maybe afterwards, being that we were at temple square. I thought we'd walk around and he'd ask me there. Where we had our first kiss maybe? But after we ate, everyone said they wanted to go to the movies. So we all left to the movies. The girls in one car and the boys in the other. My sister called me while we were driving and asked me if we could pick her up from my grandmas and take her home, so we did. (Which i was less than amused about. haha) We pulled up to my house, the girls said the movie wasn't starting for a bit so we should just hang at my house. I was hesitant because i just wanted to be with Muka on our day. haha But we got out the car and I went to unlock the door. When I opened the door, the lights flicked on & I saw all of my family crowded in the living room. Everyone was smiling and looked excited and anxious. And Muka was there, standing at the top of the stairs for me. And for probably the 3rd or 4th time in this post, I will repeat…..I (almost) died. haha. I did NOT expect it! He knows I'm super shy with lovey dovey things in public so it caught me off guard for sure. haha. He grabbed my hand, walked me to the middle of the room, sat me down on a chair, and after a few minutes of silence (haha) asked me if I'd marry him! :) :) :)

And that was it! 8 years to the day of first meeting one another, I was his fiancé.

Soon to be Mrs. Atiga!

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