Monday, March 24, 2014

The (not so average) Homecoming

I can't tell you how many homecoming stories I've read and than daydreamed of the day I'd have my own  as a missionary girlfriend. On November 11th, 2013 he finally came home and it's a homecoming I'll never forget. It was everything I thought it wouldn't be. It was your not so average homecoming, and let me tell you why! 

There were so many of us at the airport waiting for him. His flight ended up getting in sooner than we had planned and so we were all scrambling to get posters in hand and stand in line so he could see us all with our different posters/signs. I was physically there, at the airport, but my mind was going back to the week prior, his last p-day. We were emailing and talking about the airport and seeing each other and he told me he was just going to shake my hand when we saw each other again. haha. Since that email I couldn't get that out of my mind! How awkward it would be, in front of everyone, to see us reuniting again and giving a hand shake! haha. Call me crazy, but I couldn't help it, my mind was racing. 

That was like 80% of where my mind was at that moment that he came down the escalator and the other 20% was just nervous and didn't know what to do. My mind was so caught up and going a million miles a minute that when he first stepped on the escalator I didn't even know it was him…that and the fact that I didn't have my glasses on. haha He finally got to the bottom of the escalator and his mom and nieces and nephew ran up to see him first. Everyone was so happy and smiles, crying…and there I was, over thinking on what to do and trying to avoid the handshake in front of everyone. After hugging his mom and nieces and nephew he made his way through the crowd to everyone that was there to see him. During this time I did everything I could to circulate myself to every where he wasn't so I could avoid the awkward interaction. He had finally got to everyone and now it was just me he hadn't came to see. He was walking towards me and everyone was looking at us…I'm sure my flippen' face was probably bright red. (I get super shy when it comes to "love" types of things in front of other people. haha) He walked up to me and said, "Hi Nae, it's so nice to see you!" He put his hand out and so we shook hands and he put his other hand on top of mine. He was looking straight into my eyes and smiling bigger than I've ever seen him smile, his eyes were glossy I swear he was going to cry. haha. (Talk about MOST AWKWARD HAND SHAKE OF MY LIFE! haha.) He than told me we'd catch up later before everyone started asking to take pictures of us and our handshake. After that we took 10 million pictures of everyone with him, the whole group together, etc. Once those were done everyone made their way to the parking garage. I guess I always pictured once we reunited, him wanting to be with me everywhere, and that's where I guess I set myself up to get disappointed. Everyone walked to their separate cars and he went with his parents….didn't say anything to me, just walked straight to there car. But I guess I had to give him that one, after all he was still a missionary. We went afterwards to a restaurant to eat so I told myself it'd be less awkward there, we'd talk and catch up and it'd feel like it use to when we were together. Boy was I wrong. haha. He sat at a different table and talked with those he was sitting with the whole time. Before leaving he came to the table I was at cause a friend of ours was sitting with me and purposely called him over to talk. We left the restaurant still not saying much to one another. 

After leaving there my siblings and I had to stop at my grandmas to visit her, she had been really sick and than afterwards we went to his house hoping to see him (and hopefully have him released as a missionary so we could hug and be together! haha). We get there and low and behold, he wasn't there. His sisters said he went out with his dad to visit members of the ward and he wouldn't be released until the next night at 8pm. Agh- I felt like it was the worst news. I had taken that day of work off and than the day after so we could spend it together, and I wasn't going to be able to because he was still a missionary until late that next night. But i told myself even though he was still a missionary I still just wanted to see him, so I stayed at his house so I could at least see him again before I went to bed…after all, I hadn't seen that face in person for over two years!!! A little over an hour later he walked in the door and my heart started beating fast and I tried to not have a huge grin on. haha. But he didn't really acknowledge that I was there. He seemed antsy just being there, having to talk to everyone. He wanted to leave and go visit more people!  But before leaving one of their neighbors showed up at the door to see him and so they all sat down to visit. At this point I was less than amused and wanted to leave. I felt like a guest that didn't know when to leave. So I was about to leave without saying good bye and told myself I was being a brat and to at least just go say bye. So as I walked back up to his door step he opened the door. He asked if I was leaving and I said yes. He said, "okay, thanks for coming. I don't have a phone but I'll use someones and call you tomorrow." I said okay and that was it! I drove home and cried. haha. I was sure he didn't feel the same any more and didn't want to be together. I felt stupid cause I knew everyone else saw and thought/felt it too. It made me sick to my stomach thinking of everything in my life that had to do with him and if we weren't to be together how much would change. That would be night #2 of not much sleep..

to be continued….


  1. oh im so sorry it didnt go as you planned! im still rooting for you though! ill be looking for the "to be continued..."!!!

  2. giiiiiiiiirl you better finish this story!! hahaha I was all into hearing the details then you leave it hanging on such a depressing note! LOL even though I already know this story has a good ending! So excited for you guys wedding!!

  3. i want to hear the to be continued! :)