Friday, February 27, 2015

Engagement Photos

A friend of mine that I've known since Jr. High did our pictures, Kat Harris. She's amazing! You can find her website here 

Kat and Keloni with us on our wedding day :) 

Taking pictures to me is really awkward and nerve wrecking but she totally made us feel comfortable and was so awesome. Her and her boyfriend, whoops, I mean fiancĂ©'  Keloni are the most adorable couple and have the cutest pictures known to man together which she also has on her website and on her blog that you can find here

Thank you Kat for making this time of our life so memorable and giving us so many amazing pictures to remember it by :) Thanks to an amazing friend of mine Jennie, for helping me with my outfits, and my sisters for helping me with my make up :)  

Formals and wedding day pictures to come next :) 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Little About Our Love Story & The Great Commandment

I'm going to edit this upcoming post to fit my blog but it's a talk I wrote and (had) to share the Sunday after this past Christmas in our new ward. I found it fitting for my first blog post after a long break away. :) warning: It's too long so I didn't go through and proof read so spare me if there are too many grammatical errors for you to bare. ;)

For those of you who do not know me and may be new to (seeing) my (old) blog, or to those who have forgotten me because it's been so long since they're heard from me in the blog name is Cassidi Atiga. (ya see what I just did there) I'm 24 and I was born and raised here in Utah, mainly in this West Valley area. My dad is Tongan and my mom is white. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I grew up always attending a Tongan Ward (Hunter 13th Ward) so after being married and moving, now attending a ward that isn't part of the Tongan Stake is very new but exciting to me. I went to Hunter High School where I met my husband which I will get into in a second. My husbands name is Muka Atiga and we were married and sealed in the Salt Lake City Temple for all time and eternity this past August on the 29th. 

Muka and I met 9 years ago while Sophomores at Hunter High. I'd noticed him since the first day of school but he didn't get the guts to talk to me until months later which was right after winter break of 2005. That Christmas in 2005, iPods were a brand new thing and I was lucky and got one for Christmas from my parents. Anyways, winter break was done, it was back to school and a new year, and it was the 20th of January, 2006. School had just got out and I was waiting for my ride home. I kid whom I'd known from church and junior high (whom is now my brother in law) came up to me and asked to see my iPod. I didn't see a problem with it so I let him see and listen to it. He said he was going to walk to the front of the school with it and he'd be back...but when he came back and I asked for it he said his cousin took it and he didn't have it. 

As you could imagine, I was not amused. 

As I was upset and panicking, telling him to figure out where it was and get it back to me, that hot kid I'd noticed since the first day of school walked up and asked what was going on and if everything was okay. Shortly after my now brother in law got done yanking my dang chain, he gave me my iPod back and went home. That simple little "event" was the open door for my now husband to have a reason to talk to me. :) 

That night I got a text from an unknown number asking if I was okay...come to find out it was the first day of school hottie...Muka. :) We talked...or should I say text, that whole night and from there our relationship grew. Since the day we met he's been such an example to me. From always getting good grades and letting me copy his drivers ed and math always attending church and not missing a Sunday. We dated through out the rest of high school then he went off to Snow College for a little over two years to play football and I started working for an apartment management company. We remained together still with the distance, and thus starting the beginning of our what seemed like on going, long distance relationship (6 years long distance). 

Those times of dating, in High School and College, were not all. We experienced a lot of trails and rocky roads. There were times i wasn't sure if being with him was the right thing but I'll always remember in high school, 2007, my least favorite year of life....(haha)we had been going through something and I was really physically and emotionally affected by it. I'll always remember this time because it's what built the foundation of my testimony. I felt broken. I prayed and remember this particular fast I did. I asked if he was the right one for me, if he was worth sticking through it. And I remember getting the answer back and it was confirming to me that he was. 
It was remembering that answer that made my decision easy 3 years later when he decided he was going to serve a mission and I decided I'd wait. 

I'd like to think through out our relation we made the gospel a part of it and I know if it wasn't for the gospel we wouldn't be where we are now. And that it was during that same time in high school that I fasted, that in seminary I heard the saying for the first time that is, "when you put God first, all other things fall into their proper place." That ties into the "post title" of the great commandment, the first commandment, Love the lord with all thine heart. In D&C 59:5 it reads, wherefore I give unto them a commandment saying thus, thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart, with all thy might, mind, and strength; and in the name of Jesus Christ thou shalt serve him.

What greater example of truly loving the lord is there than serving a mission? 

In our case my husband and I's...the best thing he could have done for us was to obey god and fulfill his duty to serve. In Romans 8:28 it reads all things shall work together for good to them that love god. I was blessed to see the growth that came from him serving. And through serving we were able to love to our fullest potential. The wait was worth it. He got home November 2013, we got engaged January 2014 and married August 2014. Blessings have flowed for us continuously since he's served and I know it's because of serving and putting our trust in the lord and doing the best we can do to do what is right. We're far from perfect but he knows our hearts and intentions and I can't explain the love he makes us feel and again, the blessings we've received in return. Without this gospel I know I wouldn't have my's the foundation to our relationship and the pages to our love story and I can't explain how thankful I am.