us & our story.

is Mark Henry Sili "Muka" Atiga.
serving a 2 year LDS mission.
in Anaheim, California.

is Cassidi Nae Tatafu.
waiting for him back home.
in West Valley City, Utah.

have been together since January 20th, 2006.
High School Sweet Hearts.
whats most important to us is our faith, families, and each other.
we're working on making eternity..with one another.


  1. Omg sis! Lol I feel like I'm looking at my blog and guarantee you felt the same way when you saw mine! hahaha this is wayyyy too cute<3 I wish you the best of luck in your journey<3

  2. OH MY GOSH, i LITERALLY just wrote that on your blog...hahaha. about ours being the same..than after i hit publish for my comment, i came on my blog and saw you wrote this, that's so funny. Lol.