Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being the 7 and 3 Percent :)

Okay, so most of you have caught on to the fact, that this blog is and will be based on my 2 year journey apart from my missionary. He hasn't left yet, but will be soon and It'll be a huge deal in our lives. I, like all you other bloggers, am a firm believer in venting.  I know that it makes you feel better and that writing will become a huge form of therapy for me these next to years. So those of you following, i hope you can stay with me through this journey, cause i can't promise you that I won't be a little "debbie downer" sometimes or a cry baby because chances are, I'll be just that. haha. nbfr. Just bear with me, because although i know this is the biggest blessing, i also know it'll be one of the biggest challenges we go through.

Me and Muka have been through a lot in our relationship so we know it's nothing that we cannot handle, but although we don't bring it up often, we both are nervous for this experience as well. And that's another reason why I wanted to start this blog. So that people can see the other side to a missionary, the life of the missionary's girlfriend. Because it's just as hard a mission for us girlfriends as it is for the missionary.

Most people view us missionary girlfriend's as distractions but I'd like to see us as one of the main supporters. I'd like to think that if a guy has been in a relationship for a while and is still able to serve, or want to serve, than he has a great girl on his side pushing him and wanting it for him as well. (I mean, not that i'm talking about me and muka specifically or anything, haha, but hey, if the shoe fits! LOL. jkjk.) I just don't see how anyone can have negative things to say about that.  Because to me, That's real love. When you want nothing but the best for that person, whether it means you are together or apart. And that is what i feel for Muka. I mean there are cases where it goes bad, I see where people come from when they advise young men to go out on the field not having someone back home because of the dreaded "Dear John" stories. And i know the statistics are absolutely awful when it comes to missionaries and them marrying the girls they were with before the mission. But that doesn't mean that there aren't any happily ever afters either! Lol.

If you haven't heard what they are ("they" meaning the statistics) than let me fill you in on the ones i heard. Lol. I read that only 7% of missionaries end up with the girl they were with prior to the mission and only 3% end up getting married. Isn't that the worst statistics you've ever heard?! Lol. I literally almost cried when i first read that. Lol. But i didn't, until i was telling Muka. Than I couldn't help it, it all just came out! Haha. And he is so cute, when i told him and was being a cry baby, he told me, "Welp, I guess we're gonna be that 7 AND 3 Percent!" Haha. We both laughed, but he said it so confidently, and i believe him too. We're going to prove everyone wrong. Just like we did thus far in our relationship. People still to this day may have their opinions on him or on me, on us being together, but we're making it....the right way. And we can't wait to show everyone what else we're capable of as a couple. So say what you want or feel how ever you'd like, but in 2 1/2 to 3 years time, we'll be SURE, to send you an invite! ;) Haha.

Yours Truely,



  1. I love it Cass!! I'm proud of you and wish you two the best:):):)

  2. I'm so glad you posted this! I completely agree! The way I see it, not writing would be a lot bigger distraction! My boyfriend has been on his mission for 5 months now and, I'm not going to lie, it is SUPER hard, but it gets better. And you'll see your life blessed for giving him up to the Lord too. Just another MG giving ya support! If you ever need any ideas or just a boost of strength you can check out my blog ( That always helps me. (Which is why I'm here on your blog. =)

  3. Thanks Linay!!! :)

    and Thanks Sierra! I'll definatly follow u! i love reading other mg blogs :) and i hope u've been doing good since ur boys been gone~ :)

  4. Oh my heck! I'm sooo glad I came across your blog! SO glad. I was just baptized into the church last May and my boyfriend just sent out his paperwork for his mission! & just reading some of your blog posts... & you're AMAZING!! :) I'm definitely subscribing to this!! :) Hehe! You rock!!