Monday, April 15, 2013

the 4th quarter

so it's finally here! the 4th quarter of the mission. I can't even believe it when I sit and think about it, how much time has flown, and that the Tuesday after the next upcoming General Conference in October (for the LDS church), I'll be seeing him again after 2 years apart! there's so many emotions but the main one being excitement fills me when I think of that day being right around the corner! this past Friday, the 12th makes it 18 months since he's left! ahhhh!!

I can't wait to go on dates again and have someone to text or call when everyone else is busy or doing things I absolutely don't want to do. haha. 175 days until I not only see my boyfriend but until I have my best friend back.

my goals have been in full affect. so 4th quarter..... let's get it! (;


  1. ok, i know hes not my missionary, so its definitely a little different haha, but youve got to be kidding me?!?!?! no way!!!!!!!!! that is so crazy!!!!! only 6 months left?!?! it is going to fly!!!!! im so excited for you :))) (can you tell? haha)

  2. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! So excited for you two, I'm sure he feels the same way! Really I'm just so excited for you two to get married, I love seeing couples who actually love each other 100 percent! Here's to hoping these next few months fly by for you!