Saturday, March 31, 2012

22 & in with the new...

So yesterday I turned 22 (: and I thought I'd share some things about myself..."22 Random Things"...

1.) Whenever I can't sleep, I play talks by President Uchtdorf that are on my laptop...and within minutes, I'm knocked out. Haha. I've even tried listening to other speakers, and they don't work as good as Uchtdorf..maybe it's the tone of his voice, orrrrr the accent? Ha. Idk, it just works a charm (:
2.) I started working when I was 14 and that was as a life guard at Raging Waters water park.
3.) 9 times out of 10 i don't look at the price tags when I'm shopping (bad, i know)
4.) I am never on time for anything.
5.) I cry every time I watch "Extreme House Makeover"
6.) I've always been extremely shy when it comes to the opposite sex and "dating types of things"...When Elder Atiga and I started dating, it was January. We didn't first hold hands until later that year, in October. Our "first kiss" was in December. Guess it's my turn to wait for him?? ha. (;
7.) Reality TV is my guilty pleasure..along with Pretty Little Liars, Secret Life of an American Teenager, and The Game.
8.) I hate when the bathroom counter tops are wet and even worse, the floors.
9.) the "birthday suit" is my favorite suit to wear. hahaha. (;
10.) Reggae music automatically puts me in a good mood.
11.) I was always teased and embarrassed of my middle name growing up. Until I met Muka nd he made me feel as if it was the best name in the world. Now I believe him (:
12.) I have all my future kids names picked out.
13.) I believe B.M's are a true body reliever and a gift. Lol. If you don't know what I mean by a B.M I'll let you think about it. Haha.
14.) I hate touch screen phones. But now I feel like I want one just to have the game "Draw Something"
15.) I think white chocolate is disgusting.
16.) I often times buy clothes just because I feel like they'll be really cute to wear when I'm pregnant.
17.) My Macbook Laptop's name is Mac Henry..inspired by Elder Atiga's real first name which is Mark Henry. Creative thinking by me, huh? (: I thought so.
18.)If I could be one thing, I'd be obsessed with working out.
19.) There are 3 songs I can put on repeat and NEVER get sick of...Irreplaceable by Beyonce, Queen Majesty by Heavy D, and Crystal Clear by Lutan Fiyah.
20.) I think hippos are the scariest animals which wales would come next. Could you imagine having one of those come for you?! Agh, I can't even deal..
21.) I always have to check the egg carton before I buy eggs. To make sure they are -Cage Free" eggs Have you seen what they do to Caged Chickens?! :( Me and my sisters are determined to free caged chickens (0r turkeys) from the "slaughter barn" places they have em at. This will be when we're old and don't have much more years to if we get busted and arrested, who gives, we'll only have a few more years to least we stood up for a good cause! ha. It's for sure on our bucket list.
22.) When I was little I always wanted to grow up to be a librarian. haha.

My birthday this year was nice. It was laid back and "chill" I guess you could say. Which fits me perfectly! I woke up...(way too early) to watch my niece while my sister went to school. We had breakfast together, picked her out a cute outfit for the day, wrote her missionary uncle a letter, painted her nails for the first time, and listened to disney music. Even though I typically hate getting up early, especially on my days off...I could wake up every morning with her. She's my favorite thing to wake up to. (:
Her Orange Nails...She's now 2 1/2 months old. (:

Than I went to lunch with my mom and cousin at my favorite restaurant, Braza. :) In which after wards I went and got my eyebrows waxed (soooo needed) and than did some retail therapy. That took about 3 hours...than when I got home, this was the first thing I saw...
Wohoo!! Best thing to see as a Missionary Girlfriend!! Haha.

I opened my gift from him and than went to visit my niece Elikini Ilaise Iongi who was born the day before my   birthday, on the 29th. After visiting her my mom made dinner and than me and my sisters went to the movies and watched "This Means War"..i discovered another addition to my top 3 celebrity hotties. The new addition/new obsession for me..Tom Hardy. Agh, I LOVE him. (Incase you'd like to know, my top 3 celebrities are Channing Tatum, Tom Hardy, and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). (: (; (:
Afterwards we went home, ate birthday cake and than went to bed. While laying down for bed I listened to one side of the tape that Elder Atiga sent me. It was THE BEST thing ever to hear before going to bed..Hearing his voice, laugh, and sense of humor was the best ending of my day. Overall, I enjoyed my birthday this year. It started with my 2 favorite things, my niece Caleah in the morning, and my Elder Atiga before going to bed. :) 

I got a mische bag from our sista Isa (: I cute hand written/drawn card from my younger siblings, and than from the Elder..I letter, pictures, a tap of voice recordings, a music birthday card, and than 2 matching beanies that he made for me and my niece..haha. His companion taught him how to crochet..I didn't know guys did that, but it's cool. haha. (;

It's still weird to say i'm 22 now. But I'm excited for this year, to be better than I was when I was 21 and to really kick into gear with my goals i have set while my Elder is gone. 22 will bring bigger and better things for me, but 23......23 is gonna get it!! haha. 

Here's some pics of the excellent gifts I got.. (;
my card from my siblings. (:

the cutest pillow case add to my other one he did for me before he left. (: