Sunday, March 25, 2012 crazy..

as usual, this weekend, I'm missing him like crazy...
..i (really) miss his laugh..

thinking of the night when i can say, "I'm gonna see my missionary tomorrow"....
or the morning when I can say, "I am going to see him today."
Is the best thought ever. 
Almost 6 months down!!!!!! which is great to say & is flying by..

..good night elder atiga, i love you..


  1. its crazy to hear of others girls time going by...because i feel like it flies! it seems you just started! but look at you! congrats :) i think youre wonderful just so you know.

  2. You two are too cute!! I love seeing your little video clips together.. it really does make me smile. Not in a creepy weird way! LOL.. I always tell Nick, I want to do music videos, but he's always telling me that everyone will only be looking at him! hahahaha And that he doesn't want my feelings to get hurt! So thoughtful, right?? LOL He's such a nerd! But thanks for sharing your little stories. And he'll be home, before you know it.