Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vibes from West Valley to Anaheim...& Vise Versa

After previous emails, letters, and tape recordings these past 2 months or so , I discovered something....a connection between Elder Atiga and I. That even though we have 682 miles between us and only talk through letters once a week, we still vibe...and in a way kind of sense when something is going on with the other...does that make sense? Well, let me explain a few examples....

example #1. It was a Monday morning, and I was getting ready for work as usual. Well as I was getting ready and while I was driving to work, I was wondering in my head if Elder Atiga had been having any problems with being home sick since he had left..(keep in mind that this is when we use to do our Monday email "mini-convo's" and he had just been out for about 2 months) so later that day, when it came to our "hour of emailing" he told me he had something to talk to me about...and he went on to tell me how he had been having problems that weekend with being homesick. It was his first time ever getting homesick his whole life so it was kind of weird and hard for him..but his companion was lots of help..but he just wanted to kind of "vent about it" to me and let me know...(we all know how that kinda helps..and to hear reassuring words from those you love) and cause we tell each other everything. SO, mind you before he told me this, I hadn't even brought it up to him, the homesick thing that i had thought of earlier that day. So when he told me that out of no where...I was like, OMG, I was just this morning thinking about if you have been okay or homesick at all! ha. Okay, so that was "Vibin' Moment convinced yet? Well if not, stay with me...I have more! ha.

example #2. I got a letter from Elder Atiga and in part of it he was telling me about how he had been having these bad feelings and sick stomach moments that previous week. Now if you don't know what I mean by "bad feelings/sick stomach moments" lemme explain real quick...Have you ever had something happen where it's just made you feel sick to your stomach or else something bad has happened or bound to happen and you just get that uncomfortable/nervous/eerie feeling...Know what I mean?? Well, if you don't sorry about it...i think it's kinda weird you don't know what i mean..but i guess you are lucky! haha. I've gotten it when it's come to Elder Atiga dating other girls and he's gotten that feeling when I've dated other people at a time when we were broken up for a little..ANYWAYS...(haha, i got a little off topic, but i had to explain..) So he told me how he'd been having those "dumb/sick" feelings and it annoyed can't help when those feelings just randomly come up sometimes..(trust me, as a girl i know! ha) but that i didn't need to worry, he was okay and he knew i loved him and that he had nothing to worry about and that our relationship was in the lords hands. SO, he had those feelings (of me and possibly other guys) the previous week in which that same week he was feeling that, there were several people questioning me waiting for him and wanting to set me up with people to date... and than there was also this guy that wanted to take me out to dinner..which didn't end up happening obvi. but i still found it crazy! That my missionary was feeling those ways, and that week people WERE trying to set me up on dates. Ya know?? 
Okay, I'll just share only one more example...

example #3. A few posts ago i shared an email I got from Elder Atiga in which he said he wouldn't be emailing me anymore because he was recommitting himself to the work and in obeying the missionary rules. (We would still write each other letters, but in the rule book it stated emails to family only.) Well at the end of that post I expressed how grateful and happy it made me because i felt like he hit that point with his faith in that he loved the lord above everything else...and I've always wanted that for him. So after getting that email, I felt he had gotten to that point. He didn't say it, but by the way he sounded, I felt like he was to that point. Ya know? So anyways, the next weekend after that email, I got a letter from him and he thanked me for supporting him in the decision to no longer email and to be more strict with the rules..and at the end he said, and i quote "I love you so much Cassidi Nae Tatafu...But I can honestly say that I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ MORE..The Lord has blessed me with so much in my life; my family, friends, this mission, and last but not least, he's blessed me with you..for that I am eternally grateful! I love you Nae! Forever." Needless to say, I read that and bawled my eyes out cause I was so happy. Haha. And there ya go, another "vibin' from a distance" moment!!!

These may sound crazy to those of you that read this, but it's pretty legit to me. Haha. No but really, to me, it was just another form of a confirmation in that Muka is the one for me. I've known it before that, but it was just kind of like another sign sent to me....maybe it's just me, i don't know if maybe any of you other MG's have thought or feel this way, but I will admit, that originally when we'd planned on him leaving for a mission (when we were 19)..I had thought and talked to him about me dating around while he was that when he came back I'd know for sure he was the one and I'd never have "what-if's" on dating other people...(thoughts that I thought all Missionary girlfriends have at some point) well long story short, he (obviously) didn't end up leaving for the mission at 19, we broke up for a little and i dated around...(me and muka started dating when i was 15, before him i had steady "dated" a guy for 2 dating around was a foreign concept to me..ahah) but, the dating game wasn't looking too promising...I still loved Muka...we got back together and when the time came for him to start his papers for his mission the "want" of dating around didn't even exist anymore...our relationship had grown so much and had gotten so strong, that no other guy really sounded appealing. Dating sounded exhausting and unnecessary. haha. I was unsure on telling Muka that I was going to wait for him..because it IS two years, like everyone says, "you never know what can happen it 2 years."...but one day i just knew that there was no way anyone else could make me as happy as he did and that no one else could love my granny ways like he does. haha. Me finding someone else wasn't gonna happen..I knew it, cause i already had that someone! He told me I didn't have to promise him anything and that I could do whatever I wanted (as long as he didn't have to hear about it) while he was gone...but I told him that I was gonna wait and that he was it for me. I obviously wouldn't have started a blog either if I thought for a second he wasn't it! haha.

Alls I'm tryin' to say is that basically, we vibe. Him and I. From West Valley City, Utah to Anaheim, California.


  1. I have to admit, your granny ways are a bit hard to adapt to! Hahaha. Just kidding. I love it. You guys make me sick. Stop tryna one up my love story! LOL I'll be having some Debbie Downer posts in a few weeks LOL

  2. ^^^Oh man, not the debbie downer posts.... I'm sure EVERYONE is looking forward to that Tangi. hahahaha

    and Cassika, that's definitely some intense vibing going on there. Lol. Can you vibe him to email my husband back tho?! Rob's really missing him. hahaha. Cute post hooch... :) Love ya!