Thursday, November 7, 2013

when your words bite you in the butt

I can't explain the excitement that takes place in me when people this week have asked when he'll be home and I can say, "on Monday..." unlike when I use to have to say a year or in a few months.

Elder Atiga's original homecoming date was October 8th, 2013 but he was offered to extend in which he gladly accepted and his new homecoming date was changed to November 11th, 2013.

Now I'll be 100% honest, when he first emailed me that he extended and so he'd be coming home a month later...I was bummed. Haha. This was about a month before he was to come home. So I had the countdown set in my mind than he told me he'd be staying longer and so I had to tack on another 30+ days. (dramatic? haha.) BUT, after about 24 hours I checked myself and realized the blessing that would come from it and that I was blessed to have such an amazing man that didn't even hesitate to want to serve the lord as long as they needed him to. I'm sure he'd extend for another year if he was offered...& that would probably take more than 24 hours for me to get over. Haha.

^^^This all leads to my "post title." Which is kind of funny when I think of it now yet embarrassing to think of saying it and more embarrassing to admit. haha. It dates back to October 12th, 2011. Elder Atiga & I, along with my sisters and Elder Atiga's 2 best friends were on our way to the MTC to drop him off. We were talking about the mission and how things would be, etc. and I told him (jokingly yet slightly serious haha.), "you better not extend your mission & you better not shake my hand at the airport when we see each other again for the first time." LOL.We both laughed but I was kind of dead serious and he kind of knew I was, too. He knows how I am. haha. & Don't you dare judge me. You know you would feel the same. haha.
ANYWAYS, two weeks ago when we were emailing on his p-day, I brought it up (jokingly, while we were 'haha'ing' about things). I told him, "so I told you not to extend and you did which I'm happy and fine with now & so I'm pretty sure you're going to just shake my hand at the airport & I will have no choice but to eventually get over that. haha" & To that he responded, "would you hate me, cause I really was planning on just shaking your hand but I know it'll probably be awkward cause I'll be hugging everyone else that is there. it'll just be awesome to finish the mission strong."

this is me ---->     -_-


haha. Jk. OBVIOUSLY it wasn't the reunion I'd pictured, but as long as he is THERE and healthy and well....I'm grateful & I'll take it. haha. No but really. that is being 100% honest.
There is a missionary girlfriend facebook page and a few weeks ago, a missionary girlfriend posted how her missionary died that morning in Mexico while serving. My heart sunk. I couldn't even imagine. I couldn't. Her along with the Elder's family are often in my prayers... So with that being said, as long as my man returns home safely...I'll take a flippen' handshake. (until he is released and no longer an elder.) (; (;

It is also apparent that he, very much so, will be in full RM mode and quite a bit of a nerd. haha. I'm bracing myself for that just like I'm bracing myself for the fact that I may be judged for things I do or say that he may not be use to. haha. (The door swings both ways right)

Anyways, that's all for today. I'm officially off of work for the next 5 days so I will be blogging more in depth on whats going on in the mind of a missionary girlfriend days before he's to get home. (: 

four. days. people. 

that's all I have to say. 

oh and p.s. excuse me for any grammatical errors, when I get excited or feel like I have a lot in mind to write, I tend to not write things correctly or spell things wrong. oops!


  1. YAY!! can't wait for you! I am so excited for you two!! :):)

  2. oh my goodness i cant believe hes coming home!!!!! so excited for you!!! ahhhhhh! congrats :)))))