Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Gratitude

Okay. So I've been slacking. Long story short, I spilled Lemonade on my Macbook :( and just yesterday I got it up and running again!! Agh, talk about a relief!! :) So the month of November...has probably been one of the CRAZIEST months this whole year for me. A lot has happened and this month just flew by. The craziness of this month also brought me to become much more grateful for a few things...

the geek squad:  who were able to get me a brand new macbook AND put all my old stuff on it. i honestly wanted to die when they told me they couldn't guarantee all my previous files on my computer to go to the new one. do you KNOW how many pics/videos I have w/me nd my missionary. I need them back! haha. and thank goodness all was recovered and put back on! :)

my mom: the results came back from her doctors appointment. she's cancer free and will just have to follow up every six months. best news ever. I've never fasted so honestly and I've never seen my dad fast so much! My mom is the most amazing women I know and I hope to be the mom she is when the time comes for me to start a family. :) I'm so grateful for me nd my families health and wellness. and just as grateful for all of you that reached out and showed your love nd support. I could never say thank you enough!

fast passing days: Muka and I are almost 2 months into this whole experience!! It's flown by so fast and I'm lovin' it. 

my sisters: this month me and my sisters have really gotten close. We normally are super close but this month really strengthened our relationship. We found out a few weeks ago, that my younger sister is pregnant. It was a shock to everyone (including my sister) and was a little hard at first. My sister is 17 and a senior in high school. With that being said, a lot of people have judged her and our family. It's been hard to not get (really) upset when I hear what people say about my sister or my family. All I could think of after we realized she was pregnant was protecting my sister Sepa. Sepa and I have always been really close growing up. I just wanted to keep her from anything rude anyone would say to her...because I could already feel how she was hurting inside. having to tell my parents, the rest of our family, and our younger siblings. Everything people would think or say and feeling as if she was a disappointment.
It was really hard that first day that we found out. We went to buy a test and came home to take it. Once she did the test it automatically pulled up the 2 lines, showing she was pregnant and we both just started crying. It was just us 2 and my mom home. My mom was downstairs but she knew once she heard us crying that Sepa was pregnant.  I really can't explain it but I felt how sad and scared my sister was that day and it killed me. Like i could feel how heavy that burden was for her and I just wanted to do what ever I could to make it light(er). The first night she slept it my room. it was just me and her and it was so hard for me not to burst out and cry after we said prayer together. Have you ever went through something hard and when it comes time to sleep you just want someone to sleep with?? Because for  some strange reason it just makes u feel better/more safe?! yeah, well i know i have. and Sep has been that way pretty much since. We sleep together. haha. me her and my sister Sariah. As much as it was a mistake it's already blessed us as sisters and as a family by growing a lot closer. And this situation with Sepa has really helped me to refrain from automatically judging someones situation. Because you don't know there story. and because everyone really does make mistakes. You just don't really get it until it happens to you or someone you love.
like i told my mom (who took it really hard when i first told her) something like this can happen to any family. doesn't matter if you are in a really tight knit family, if your a really religious family, or you come from a dis-functional family...people should not be so quick to judge the individuals upbringing. Because it can happen to anyone. My parents have raised us well and taught us the best but at the end of the day people make their own decisions. Sepa knows she made a mistake and that it was wrong but she's going to take responsibility for her actions. She's gonna be a great mom....and oh my gosh am I excited to be an aunty to my very first NIECE! :) It's nuts thinking that by the time Muka gets home from his mission, he will meet a little (almost 2 year old) girl that he's never met! And I know baby will keep me busy therefore making time go by faster. Lol.
You can judge my sister or my family, but you don't know her or our family...and before you point a finger at someone else check yourself or your own family..I'm sure you or your family have a skeleton or 2 in your own closets! Hah. So worry about that! :)

I'm so grateful for all that is in my life right now. Works now going great. my missionary is great. and my family is strong. and i'm so grateful for the comfort that the gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints brings to me nd my family. Without it we'd be so lost.

I love my life...and everyone in it.