Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Gratitude

Okay. So I've been slacking. Long story short, I spilled Lemonade on my Macbook :( and just yesterday I got it up and running again!! Agh, talk about a relief!! :) So the month of November...has probably been one of the CRAZIEST months this whole year for me. A lot has happened and this month just flew by. The craziness of this month also brought me to become much more grateful for a few things...

the geek squad:  who were able to get me a brand new macbook AND put all my old stuff on it. i honestly wanted to die when they told me they couldn't guarantee all my previous files on my computer to go to the new one. do you KNOW how many pics/videos I have w/me nd my missionary. I need them back! haha. and thank goodness all was recovered and put back on! :)

my mom: the results came back from her doctors appointment. she's cancer free and will just have to follow up every six months. best news ever. I've never fasted so honestly and I've never seen my dad fast so much! My mom is the most amazing women I know and I hope to be the mom she is when the time comes for me to start a family. :) I'm so grateful for me nd my families health and wellness. and just as grateful for all of you that reached out and showed your love nd support. I could never say thank you enough!