Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1 Year Ago

We woke up at 5, washed up, got ready in what we laid out the night before, grabbed the packed bags and video camera, and left the house to make it in time for our 6am check in. On the drive to the hospital we video camera'd and asked how my sister was feeling and we all smiled and waved at the camera with our crusty early morning faces. haha We got to the Murray IMC hospital and recorded my (over-due) little sister as she walked around with her big round belly. We were all so excited and nervous and were under the assumption we'd meet my niece in no time. We all made bets on the time..11am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 8pm. Long story short my dad (the last person we thought would have guessed it right) won and Caleah Lani Bloomfield was born at 8:14pm that night. (14 hours after we got to the hospital.)

Don't get me wrong, I think watching someone give birth is an amazing experience (if you know them..like really know them. haha) but it is also beyond horrifying and I think could be considered a form of birth control. haha.  ESP. the after birth. Omg. Worth thing I've ever seen. Lol. ANYWAYS, (literally) seeing Caleah come to the world and meeting her was the best "meet and greet" I've ever had. She was so perfect and I couldn't keep from crying when first seeing her. I've always had doubts about love at first sight until I met my niece. I remember that night when I got home I just cried because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude. That she came to this world safely and that my sister made it through okay. You really do feel the pure love of Christ through a baby/child.

Since than, this past year, it's been so fun watching my niece grow and learn new things. She is the #1 thing to put me automatically in a good mood. She is such a brat but such a nice girl at the same time...I promise. Haha. I couldn't imagine our family without her. Through all the differences there has been since we found out about her existence, she has brought 2 families together and we are ALL head over hills for her. She is so loved and I'm so worried for her when it comes time to date. Haha. She has 7(+) very over protective uncles. Poor girl, but that's why it's good she has 7 aunties! haha. Being an auntie is THE BEST.

These are just a few pics of her first birthday party this past weekend. January 19th, 2013. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S BEEM A YEAR!

first meeting her (:

Subtle Signs

So I'll admit...sometimes I get doubts in my head. And they always creep up when I'm most vulnerable. Ain't that how it works?! Annoying! Anyways, they're of the possibility of things changing between me and my missionary. Not on my end really but on his. Of him not feeling the same, changing his mind...or him coming home and the both of us finding that it doesn't "feel" the same and walking away from it all..what we've built for seven years. Sad thoughts/doubts, right?! Hah. Anyways, yes... I OBVIOUSLY have my debbie downer days. Even though he tells me every week in his letters that he loves me..those thoughts seem to just creep up. (Female Problems!! Lol.)

So with this being said, it NEVER fails..subtle signs pop up that I feel the Lord gives me to assure me that it's all gonna be okay. Those subtle signs being Tiffany and Jeff, Marie, Dave, Chris, and Noelle.
Those names are of friends that Elder Atiga has made through his mission.  And they've found me on Facebook and have sent me messages telling me of how they heard about me from Elder Atiga and how they know he loves me.

Everything happens for a reason and has a purpose and it's so crazy when you really stop to notice that in situations throughout your life. Things as simple as meeting someone or sending them a message/saying hey.  I don't think these people really know that they are blessings to me and how much their messages mean to me. (: I dunno what I've done to be given these blessings/signs right when I need them..but I must be doing something right! hah. So if they happen to read this, THANK YOU Tiffany and Jeff, Marie, Dave, Chris, and Noelle...for your time, sweet messages, and friendship.. they mean more than you know to me. (:

p.s. Everyone should know I only have less than 9 months until he comes home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (: