Friday, February 15, 2013

v. day


Last Valentines Day without Elder Atiga!!! It sounds better each time I say it. Haha. I've mentioned before in a blog post how I'm a "gifts girl" (I ain't gonna lie). I LOVE to get gifts and thoughtful things and I LOVE to give gifts even more. BUT, ever since I've been a missionary girlfriend (the last 16 1/2 months) I've gotten over that.(...well at least for now, no promises if that'll last when he's home! hahaha.)  Cause I know he doesn't have much money and time and should be focusing more on other things. SO, that being said, I didn't expect anything today for Valentines Day. Than I got a picture sent to me on Facebook of this....


The green is Elder Atiga's friend that is in his current ward and than obviously the white is Elder Atiga talking. Haha. and after seeing this, my heart did melt..I won't lie. And I was content with my Valentines Day. THAN, I got home, and had an envelope. But a bigger one than usual. And when I opened it there was a CD in a case with a post it. He wrote a mini note on the post it and than I popped the CD/DVD in my computer and it was a video he made me!!! (: Saying happy valentines and so on..and than he did a mini music video lip-syncing to a country song I LOVE and said I want as one of our wedding songs. That sly devil. I was surprised for sure. (:

Love him.
8 more months and he's mine.
Happy Valentines!

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