Monday, July 18, 2011

Faith. Family. Future Husband.

Everyone that is closest to me knows that i am not your average 21 year old. Many think that I live a life of a granny. Lol. But i'd like to think that I live life to my own drum beat and i am not one to follow the ways of the world. I know many people say this, but I can honestly say that the top three things in my life are my faith, my family, and my future husband. :)

My faith: made me what i am today. People seem to view people like me, whom have been born and raised in Utah/ Salt Lake City as "sheltered", that we're in our own "little bubble" in life because as everyone knows, Utah is most known for the Mormon church. I was told by my uncle Orville after my trip to Miami, that there is every where else, and than there is Utah. That may be true, and if so, i am SO grateful to be one of the "sheltered/in a bubble" individuals. (All this talk of Utah does lead to my overall point i promise. Lol.) As a 21 year old woman, I know with every part of my being that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is, the one and only true church. I've learned and been taught of it, I've experienced it, I've seen it, and most importantly I've felt it. 
Trust is something I've had to learn the hard way thus far in my life, but when it comes to the gospel and the lord, I have no second thoughts, no doubts or insecurities. I love this gospel and the fullness it has brought in my life. It's a relationship I will never let go of.

My family: means E V E R Y T H I N G to me. I am so blessed to be born of such goodly parents and to have my best friends as my siblings. (Which i am soo serious when i say they're my best friends.) Everyone who knows me or even just sees me knows that anywhere I'll be sure to see Sepa or Sariah (my younger sisters). Lol. No but really. They are my best friends, the only girls i know i can really trust. Yeah, I'm 21, and my best friends are 17 and 12(1/2). Haha. And i am totally fine with that (even though people have made fun of me because of it). Since i started maturing, back in junior high, every decision i was faced with, from than even up 'til now, revolves around those girls and my example to them. Whether big or small, they cross my mind. I will never be able to fully express to my mom, dad, Sepa, Sariah, Loni, or Lexxi how much they mean to me. 

My future husband: and I'm pretty sure that i already have him. ;) 
I met Muka Atiga about 5 1/2 years ago in high school. We were both sophomores, and we've been on ever since. Back when i was in junior high, when it came to New Years, growing up my mom always had us do New Year resolutions. I never told anyone this besides Muka, but i remember that every year, i'd always hoped and wished to get a boyfriend that i could share the up coming New Years with. To do New Year resolutions with and to have a New Years kiss at midnight. Hah. That we'd be best friends, and that he could come hang out with me at my house and that it'd just be a good relationship where we didn't have to sneak around and be dishonest.  I do also remember praying for this a time or two. Lol. (I know, i know, what a dork, right?! Lol.) Well, i must've been doing something right because Muka is honestly all that  I had prayed and hoped for every year when i was younger. :) He is a huge part of my life and I couldn't picture it without him. He's everything to me.
Our relationship has most definitely had its ups and (deep) downs, but we've come this far, together, and we don't plan on letting anything change that.

This year, 21, has been so important to us because it's when our lives will change forever. We're still both young, but we know who we are (individually) and where we wanna be/what we wanna do. This year our faith/testimony has grown so much stronger, we've never been happier and our plan in life is more clear than ever. 
The 6th of July was the biggest day we've shared thus far. Muka received his mission call in the mail! :) He was called to the Anaheim, California mission and will report to the MTC on October 12th. 
We are both so excited, it's what we've always wanted. We know this mission will change our lives forever but we're ready. 

Twenty-one. Come what may, and (i'll) love it. 
and Why wouldn't I? I have my faith, my family, and my future husand. :) 


  1. This is going to be such a great documentation to look back on when you are well into your eternal marriage :)

  2. Ummmm... So I love it!! :) I'm so glad you've taken up on this.. Even tho I suck, I looooooove reading others. Lol. Looking forward to reading ur future posts!! :)

  3. ANNOYING UP TOP^^^^^^^...LOL! Love thee new blog Nae! :) Luv ya whore! :)

  4. Love it !!! it's about time !!! xoxoxoxo