Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Obidience Brings Blessings. Strict Obidience brings Miracles.

Today I got an email from my missionary that changed my day. It said:

Hi nae.. just wanted to write you and tell you that i read in our handbook today... rules and what not. and i think i've decided to try and just "write" you.. No more emailing. It may sound pretty gay but i dunno.. just been having thoughts and impressions lately telling me that i'm not really following the rules. It says just "FAMILY" and i know i know... you ARE considered family nae but i just feel kinda guilty doing it. So just thought i'd sneak on here (talk about breaking rules.. Lol.) and let you know... before you go crazy on me for not telling you beforehand. I got an Email from Elder Sotele and he keeps telling me that "obedience brings blessings" and i know that "STRICT obedience brings miracles" so i'm gonna do all i can to abide by those rules. I hope your not thinking anything bad nae. You know i'm in love with you... I just think this is what i have to do to progress as a missionary... I'm recommitting myself to the work. I promise ill write all that i can each week... Prolly write you one tonight.. Lol. Even though we aren't supposed to write on any day but Pday... I'm still gonna at least try to write you k ? I think you want letters anyways so it should work out fine for the both of us. Lol. I love you so much nae... and if anyone asks (who arent family) why i haven't written them it's because i won't be emailling them either.. If you're not getting emails than i promise you NO ONE ELSE is either!! Lol. I hate writing letters so i guess we'll see how it goes.. Lol. But yeah... I love you so much!! I'll write you soon k? I know blessings will come from this for the BOTH of us... I'll ttys....
Forever yours....
Elder Atiga
 After reading this, I was nothing but happy. Which may sound weird to some of you, ha...but I was. I was so proud. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Monday emails, and yes...I will miss them. But I am so proud of him. That he's continuously progressing and growing closer to the lord. That he's trying to raise the bar with his commitment.

We sometimes find our selves "living in the moment"..we're "involved but not fully committed."And it's sometimes hard to admit that and to step up to the next level, to be better...even if we are living what the world thinks is a  "good enough life."

I don't ever wanna be a distraction or be something that is holding him back...from his full potential. so I am fine with no emails. I know he is still in love with me and that i'll still hear from him.

Before his mission prep., I'll always remember him telling me that He loved me more than anything and that he wants to get to the point where he truely loves the lord more than me. Because he knew that through fully loving the lord and putting him first,  he could love me fully...(not that he didn't love me, but you know what i mean. lol) It was kind of weird at first, cause i'd never heard someone say that, but at the same time I loved him even more for saying just that. Because I truly believe that. And I wanted my future companion to fully believe in that. Our relationship I feel has shown just that...yeah we're still just "boyfriend & girlfriend"...but we have been through a very imperfect relationship. Our first 3 years together were very hard on me and it really tested our relationship..but we got back together after a falling out and did our best to center our relationship on the lord and the gospel..and the last 3 years since, have been the best of my life. We have grown more than I can even explain. Most of all Muka has grown..to someone I wasn't sure he would be but always had hope in. Today's email just confirmed that he is to that point. He puts the lord first and is choosing to obey the rules our prophet has set (which are directed from the lord.) 
And now I think it's pretty safe to say, that I am thee most proud missionary girlfriend on the planet. Ha.

I flippen' Love my Missionary. 


  1. this is sooooo wonderful!!!!! i am so happy for you! and you took it so well!! you both will truly be blessed so much, you guys will make it. but im sure you already know that :)

  2. You are amazing Cass!! You and Muka!! I love how he said, ' he wants to truly love the lord more than you!!'.. Those are the sweetest words, any man could tell a women!! Lol And you both will truly be blessed!! :)

  3. Love that you understand it all so well.... I'm excited for you two! and since he's not writing back...i'm just not gonna write him lol j/k

  4. Thank you guys! and hahaha at Leta (: