Friday, January 20, 2012

Six Years nd Counting...

It's (officially) been six years as of today that Muka and I have been together. (: 
We have been through so much in our relationship but I wouldn't change any of it because I know that it's the reason we're able to be where we are now as a couple. And where we are now is beyond words for me to be able to explain. 
I'm usually a "gifts" type of girl. Haha. (I'll be honest) I just love getting gifts for each other and the excitement that comes with it...Muka, on the other hand, has never been too fond of it. Hah. He complains about never knowing what to get and he waits till the last minute so than he just gets frustrated at whatever store he goes to..(boys will be boys hah.)..but, regardless, he has always got me gifts. Because he knows I love it. (: December, January, February, and March he has always said are the "4 dreaded months" because every month kind of involves gift giving. Haha.
  • December=Christmas
  • January= our Anniversary
  • February=Valentines Day
  • March= My birthday
  • and that= poor him...hahaha.
But, now with the mission and all, things do change...we all know that the funds are quite sparse for missionaries. So I haven't even thought twice about receiving anything. Truthfully, knowing he's okay and an email or letter are just perfect for me! And, to my surprise, so far, the past 2 months celebrations (Christmas and our anniversary) have been the best. For Christmas he just sent me a letter and a tape recording, and than we got to talk on the phone and skype. Best gifts on earth!! And than with today being our anniversary, we're not able to speak (because it's not his p-day) but my niece was born last night (: (: (: and that's the best gift the lord could have blessed us with to celebrate all day today. Also, before and after baby was born, Muka's family came to the hospital. It meant a lot. That even though we are not "technically" family (yet!)...they are still there just like real family should be. It meant more to me than they will ever know...that they care so much for Sepa (my little sister) to be there, to go out of their way and bring a lot of food too for everyone, and just to show their love and excitement. It made me feel like a part of Muka was there for the big event, and it meant a lot. (: So, I feel like now, I am seriously okay with not getting gifts..and I am proud of myself for that. Haha. (Don't judge me, respect the honesty I am giving here! hah.) It's the little things that count. Like hand written letters, or random emails just saying I love nd miss you (: Muka's health and wellness and that he's safe and still mine. haha. And that my sister and niece are okay and healthy.

BUT, I still love me some gift giving! haha. Let me just say that i am so excited for Muka to get his little gift that I made for him. It SHOULD get there (to him) today, per the Post Office...but if not, either way, I'm sure he'll love nd appreciate it (: I found this idea off Pinterest nd knew it'd be a great anniversary present idea..especially to send a missionary because it's something they can carry with them in their pocket or back pack where ever they go, and won't take up room if they have to pack up and move for transfers. AND it includes tons of pictures, which they love (: So! Here's just a few pics of the gift! (:

Sorry they're backwards but one side was a thing I loved about him and the other side was a picture

I included pics of both me nd him and his family (:

 SO, I did "51 Things to Love About You"..You just take a deck of cards, and you just list things you love about them and on the other side you put pictures! (: 
they turned out so cute!!!!! Minus my handwriting...haha
But i loved them (: 
and than i wrote a letter, based around a "6" i wrote 
6 random things that reminded me of him
5 moments with him i'll never forget
4 things that he is best at
3 songs that are ours
2 things he should know
and last that he's still the 1, that i'll be waiting for! (:

Muka means the world to me. I'm so grateful for him and his example in my life. I'm grateful that he's let me be a part of this mission with him and I'm looking forward to more anniversary's to come!!! post to come...The Birthing Story of Caleah Lani Bloomfield! (: <3...


  1. awww !!! too cute ! iʻm waiting for the birthing story :) xoxoxo

  2. happy 6 years Cass!
    Love the playing card idea.

  3. Congratulations on 6 years, wow that's amazing! I love what you did for his present too, so thoughtful! All the best to you guys x

  4. Saw this idea on Pinterest too. So cute!! I love how yours turned out! I want to do the same gift for Nick, as a Valentine's Day gift. Hope mine turns out as cute as yours! :) You are Awesome!!