Wednesday, January 11, 2012

anxious and excited!

So today was my little sisters due date. precious little niece is taking her time..
because it's not looking like she's coming anytime soon today. Hah. 
my sister is only dilated at a 2 right now. :(
we just got home from the gym, trying to walk to get her to come a little quicker...and we had her doing the "just dance" on the ps3. 
she's googled just about everything on how to speed up going into labor..but that little girl in that belly is just as stubborn as her mama. haha. she's coming when she's ready!
we're just so excited and want to meet her already!!

some more good news!! tomorrow is officially the 3 month mark of my missionary being gone!! (: only 21 to go..and it's speeding by! (: 

hopefully my next post will be with pictures of our family's new princess! (:


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  1. She is so so cute with her pregnant belly. How exciting! Sending good vibes your way, in hopes that your niece will be here soon! :)