Friday, September 23, 2011

Dress Dilemma

Okay,  so Muka's farewell is this upcoming Sunday. BIG DEAL  for me. 
Oh wait, was that selfish of me to say??...what I meant to say was, BIG DEAL for US. Haha.
I've pictured this day for quite awhile now 
so you know I gotta be dressed to the 9's. Lol. (no but really.) 
And I got some dresses, but I just can't decide on which one to wear. :(
So I need some help!! Lol. And what better way to get
help or advice than through my blog right?! Lol.
I love the "I Love Lucy" style dresses. So they all are pretty much that style. 
My mom and sisters couldn't pick one, so now, I'm turning to you guys!

This is the "little black dress with a cardigan (because it's sleeveless).

So, which do you think? 
..or Black??

Anxiously waiting for you picks!..