Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Hour Monday!!

So Elder Atiga has been out in Anaheim for almost 2 months now. And besides letters, Monday email conversations are like my new favorite. :) It was like his first Monday in Anaheim, I was home, and I had had my email open all morning..Just in case I got an email. (: And than around noon, I GOT AN EMAIL from Elder Atiga! :) (Let me just tell you, Seeing that pop up in my inbox never gets old. It gets more exciting each time! Hah.) So...I didn't even read the whole message, I quickly replied to see if he was still on and if he'd respond. And he did! (: Yay!! It was so exciting. Lol. We were able to send like 3 emails each to one another. But it was his first P-day so he had others to email and I was fine with that. But every Monday since we email back and forth for the hour that he has to write people. And it's the bestest, most happiest hour of my week! Lol. No but for real. Haha. I love it and I'm all smiles the whole time. Mondays are normally a nightmare at work, filled with angry people and complaints from over the weekend...but once I talk to him, I don't even care what else the day brings. Because It's already been made great by having him in it. :) He always knows how to make me happy and I love that it still feels the same, like when he was here and we were together..but, it's better. It's RIGHT. :) (And we all know you just feel happier when you choose the right, right?!?!!?..Haha. (; )
But He's doing great and he's loving it. If the next 22 1/2 months go by like the 1st month and a half have. Than psh, we'll be just fine. (Just fyi for all you Wait-er Hate-rs! Lol.) I love him more and more. And we both have been able to feel our relationship grow.

Yay for Monday's/P-Day's! (: 
Elder Brown (left) and my Elder Atiga (right) in their ghetto little apartment. haha. :)

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  1. So cute!
    Don't listen to the people who discourage the wait! My missionary has been gone for about a year, and you said it right, our love for them grows more and more while they're gone. We would be crazy NOT to wait!