Saturday, December 31, 2011

'twas the night before christmas...


but let me do what I always do and tell you detail by detail. (;

Okay, so it was Christmas Eve, and we were getting ready for our annual Christmas Eve party with my mom's sisters and their families. We were in the kitchen while my mom was starting to cook and I stepped out to go grab something from my room. I went back in the kitchen to find a missed call on my phone. But it was a long distance number that I didn't recognize. So i was like, was probably a sales person. And also, I typically don't answer numbers I don't recognize...So anywho..Just as I was about to set my phone down...the number was calling again. 714...I never had seen that area code. But it must be important cause the same number is calling again. Just  2 minutes after the first time it had called. So, I answered. It was a guy and he said, "Hi, is this Cassidi Nae?" the voice sounded a little familiar but I wasn't so couldn't what else do us women do when we're unsure of what you said exactly so we want to hear it again to make sure?.....i said, "What??"...and he said it again.."Is this Cassidi Nae?"....and it hit was MY MISSIONARY!!!!!!! I about fainted. Lol.
So of coarse, I said, "Shut the freak up, who is this?!?!!!" hahahaha. And he's like, "HI's me!" (Nae is my middle name, for those of you who don't fully know me..and only Muka has really called me that.) So of coarse, I started bawling...and asked him what he was doing, how was he able to call me!
He said that his companion, Elder Brown is from Australia and that it was already Christmas in Australia so he was calling his family back home...and so Muka was getting to call home as well. 
Agh, let me tell was the most unexpected but most greatest thing EVER!!! It was the best Christmas gift I could have ever gotten this year. We talked for an hour and throughout the conversation just kept saying how weird it was that we were actually talking! Lol. We picked up right where we'd left off and it felt like it always did. It was amazing.

The next day, Christmas we (Muka's family and me and my sisters) got to skype with Elder Atiga. It was so good seeing him. Everyone was so happy. He was completely caught off guard with everyone that showed up. haha. His family is so awesome and I'm always so grateful for how welcoming they are to me. They are seriously like my second family. I could only be there for skyping for about almost an hour.. because than I had to go to my house to skype my cousin that is on her mission in Alaska. But Muka got to skype with his family for about 2 1/2 hours total. (: Which was about the same time frame we got to skype my cousin (whom is like a sister to me) serving in Alaska. But Muka called me after he finished skyping and we talked for about an hour again. Lol. So, I was so spoiled pretty much. But it was perfect. it was a great Missionary filled Christmas. Everything I could have asked for. :)

my little sister Sepa showing Elder Atiga her baby bump
he's so loved (:

picture says it all. Lol.

Our Sista Halatokoua servin' in Alaska (:
Now just 1 more Christmas without my missionary! (:


  1. Good for you sounds like a very happy Christmas Cass! It was funny cuz Christmas Eve I was at Aj's family's game day and he was playing volleyball, but I was just sitting on the chairs and I heard his phone ring. I looked at it but saw it was long distance so I didn't answer it. It rang again same number but it was on the floor and I didn't feel like bending over (lazy right? lol) to grab it plus I still didn't know who it was calling him. Then it rang a THIRD time and I was like ok this person isn't gonna stop I'll just answer it and tell them that aj's busy. So I answered and they said "is afehelotu tuineau there?" lol and i was like "uhhh he's playing volleyball" then he goes "JENN!" and I said "who is this?" he says "MUKA!" then i laughed and told him that I'll interrupt ajs volleyball game. it was so funny and aj was so happy (like a gay boy) to talk to muka! annnnnnd thats my story. lol

  2. Aw that is the cutest Christmas surprise ever! I am from australia too, so YAY for elder Brown who got to call his family which led to your amazo phone call! xx our boys will be home NEXT year!!

  3. Aww Cass you're so pretty!! I took a picture like yours, where we're next to our missionaries! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    I'm so happy you got to talk to him! :) It's the best Christmas present ever!

  4. Jenn: Hahah. yeah, Aj told me. Muka WOULD call his other girlfriend! Lol. :)

    Abby: I can't wait for our turn!! I love your blog and style (:

    Stephanie: Agreed. And i love your main blog picture. it totally looks like a wedding picture. (;

  5. Aww this is so cute, I bet it was amazing getting a call from him! You guys are so brave for what you're going through but all in God's favour! :) Oh and thank you for following!

  6. Thanks Berni (: i love your blog!