Sunday, October 14, 2012

one year

the day has finally come!!!
this past Friday, October 12th marked ONE YEAR since Elder Atiga left for the mission.

The actual day (of our year mark) and the day before I had non-stop flashbacks of a year ago. (You can find that post here.) It is the best feeling ever to know that we've already accomplished a year of the mission and have just 1 more to go! This past year flew by so I really gotta kick it into gear this next upcoming year. I have goals I set to achieve while he's gone, (see here) and so I really need to get on those!

To the old me....or to just "other people" in general, another year seems like so long, but now it seems like a small amount of time. This past year went by soooo fast! and I'm lovin it.

So Friday night I thought I'd go out to "celebrate" the accomplishment. Hah. (:
Dinner nd a movie with the sisters (:

1 year down...1 to go (:


  1. NO WAY!!!!! that was so fast! (at least for me it was haha) the second year is gonna start flying!! ahhhhh! im so happy for you :)

  2. I'm very proud of your dedication.

  3. this year has flew by!! it's so exciting, thanks so much Megan (: (: and thank you Koda Krug (: