Monday, October 29, 2012


I've been the worst blogger on this earth lately. Things have been really busy and I feel like my life is so unorganized right now. Even though I'm not in school I find a way to procrastinate, esp. with my goals. haha. Horrible, I know. 

 I've hit this point of now being use to being "single"...I mean, I gotta man..haha...but we're always apart and are doing our own thing and that hasn't fazed our relationship at all but I've hit the point where I'm use to it. The being on my own, making my own plans, not revolving it around someone else and their agenda. And that's in a bad way. Haha. I've done some serious slacking. A year has passed and the only goal I've almost accomplished and stayed consistent with is getting my debt paid off. I've been thinking a lot about it lately and needing to get the ball rolling but still haven't. Than today, I got my letter from my missionary and it was another vibing moment we had. haha. He talked about goals and how important they are. He brought up something that stuck out to him from this past general conference which was from President Uchtdorf "Good intentions aren't good enough...we must do!" He also brought up how Elder Bednar said once that our character is often defined on how well we set our goals and how active and committed we are to reaching them. And obviously I felt very guilty. Haha. At the end of this all, I wanna make sure I feel worthy to have such a worthy man of god. Any other MG's dealing with the same thing?! Or just me? ha. Anyways...starting today I'm going to fix that laziness and my next blog post will be on updates of my goal progress. (; 

Updates on Lately....

-Elder Atiga became a Zone Leader his most recent transfer (about 3 weeks ago) and so he's been really busy. It's already changed him so much since becoming a zone leader. It's been fun to see. How he's kinda getting a missionary "nerdy-ness" to him...that's not a bad thing, it's just different to see coming from my elder. haha.

-He found out his official date to come home!!!!!!!!!!! October 15th 2013!!!!!!!! It was the best news I could ever get. hah. almost just 11 more months to go. It's insane. (: (: (:

-my niece is 9 months! and such a monster (she'll get her own post soon) she is going to be a little pig for halloween! (:

our pumpkins this year

That's it for now!! I joined team Iphone so I now have an instagram! haha. Follow me, my name is Cassidinae (: (:

Until next time!!!!


  1. how has it already been 13 months for you?!?!

  2. I know Megan!!! It's so crazy. I love it. haha. how close are you?!?! (: