Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Thing Going

For what reasons I still do not know, it's always been a common thing that girls fall for the bad guy, right? Well, not this girl. Haha. I'm the opposite. I love me a good boy! (: Maybe it's from seeing my older brother living the "bad boy" life which I grew to see as completely pathetic and unattractive? Maybe that's why? Hah. I'm not sure, I just don't dig it. But give me a guy that goes to church and can give a mean prayer, psh....fugidaboudit! Lol. No but really. That's what a huge part of Muka that I love. I also have like "requirements" or most know it as a list, and he qualifies in every way. Well minus the last one but that was just until recently! haha. who gives anyway he's goin on his mish! That's all the work i could want! (; and I'm a firm believer on if things on your list are for good reasonings, don't settle for less! (:

My list was the following: (and i tell my primary girls this should all be no-brains for their future lists too!) haha.
-Don't Smoke (ew.)
-Don't Drink   (NO THANKS :)! )
-Don't Mix (Kava, obviously..mm,mm girl i don't do ashy. Lol.)
-Has a car ( i WILL NOT be picking you up for whenever we wanna kick it)
-Has a job (and no i will not pay..all the time at least! haha.) 

Some of you may ask after looking at this, why isn't there anything about being a member of the church or else a worthy priesthood holder listed on here?? well because honey that's a given for me, if you aren't that, I'm sure you're a great guy but it won't work in the end so i'm saving both parties some time. lol. Another big thing for me is language. It's a huge turn off for me when a guy swears. it's not okay to me. In any way, like whether it's just during a conversation or (worse) if it's directed towards you. I've just grown up being taught it's disrespectful.  Same goes for listening to music like that when your with the opposite sex or movies too. It's just not very comfortable to me. Lol. I know that's weird to a lot of people. I guess you could say I'm super traditional.

To me. There's nothing like a handsome, worthy priesthood holder. Romantic to me is praying together. And I love the idea of being able to be intimate with out literally being intimate, you know what i mean? Being able to lay together  and just talk forever, fall asleep, without having to do anything.  there is absolutely nothing  like a relationship that's centered on the lord. No other love really compares. Period.

 ..and I'm so grateful I have a handsome worthy priesthood holder.. 
we have more to come in our relationship, more progress to make,  but thus far, 
we've got a good thing going.
we don't have to ask, we know that it's gon'last, eternally.
(thanks Tarrus Riley! hah.)

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  1. LOVE IT.... okay i love how i love all of em. hahaha...