Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The New (stressed) Kid on the Block

So I work in the apartment management business, and I’ve been in this business for 4 years now. Within the 4 years I’ve worked at 2 different apartment properties, and have had 2 different positions at each place. 
My first 2 years I was a leasing agent so my main job was to just lease apartments to those that came in looking to move. I was than promoted and transferred to another property. I was than the Assistant Manager. (: An assistant manager is pretty much the Financial Manager. All and anything money goes through me. My main focus as the assistant manager is to collect rent and any amounts owing from after people move out. Therefore, I am the most hated person in the office. Haha. No but really. I’ve seen and heard anything you can think of as far as customer service nightmares are concerned. People have called me pretty much any bad name you can think of, I have had things thrown at me or thrown off my desk, and have come across some clinically insane people. Lol. People honestly have no idea how draining and hard it can be working in the apartment management industry. I can’t think of any other job field that has to deal with worse customer service situations than us. We are involved in every aspect of these people’s lives. The apartments are (obviously) their homes. Therefore we’re dealing with “being responsible” for their homes and the personal possessions that are in the apartment, their family that resides in the apartment, their vehicles that are at the apartments, and the bills that they are responsible to pay for that apartment. It’s exhausting to say thee least. But anyway, I’ve been an assistant manager for 2 years now. After I got back from my vacation (the one I did my last post about) I went back to work and was told I was being transferred in 2 weeks….To another property. Same position, same pay, same company, just a different property. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful for my job and the paychecks I get. Lol. But I was so sad and very unhappy. I wanted to cry honestly when my manager told me. Lol. I loved my co-workers I worked with. I was so sad to leave. I didn’t want to. Plus, I’m one of those people that is not a fan of changes. But, I had no choice. So whatever. Two weeks passed, and it was the day before my “First Day at the New Property.” (this past sunday) I was soo nervous. Nervous like the “going to be starting at a brand-new school in a new town” kind nervous. Ya know?  Lol. Whatever, So Muka kept telling me to just be optimistic, so I was. Up until I got there and saw what I had to fix. Haha. 

It’s a hot mess there. I’m just an organizer freak so there is a lot of work that needs to be done there. And long term mistakes that need to be fixed. I’m super nervous and stressed about this change but I’m just trying to continue to take Muka’s advice and stay positive.  I know it could’ve been worse. I could have had no job or been “demoted” and had a big pay cut. 

I know everything happens for a reason, so for now I am just going to keep working hard until the reasoning to me being moved to a hell hole comes to realization. Lol.  For now, I am the new (stressed) kid on the block...trying to stay optimistic!


  1. remember everything happens for a reason :) Maybe u'll be promoted to MANAGER :) xoxoxo