Saturday, August 13, 2011

..just one of those nights..

So it just hit marks exactly 60 days (pretty much 2 months) until my missionary leaves. Today as we were hanging out (this week's been our "last vaca of the summer/before Muka leaves/before my sisters start school trip), we were driving around and I just couldn't help but think of how weird it'll be once he leaves. Agh, I get emotional even thinking of it. But I just honestly can't even imagine how it'll be or feel.  I just try to be as much of a sponge as I can, and just soak up all our time nd memories we make, hoping that it'll help for when he's gone. People tell me that we need to hang out less, talk less, help get use to when he leaves. But i feel like if i do that i'll be even more a hot mess once he goes. I'll regret not spending as much time or not talking as much as we could have. Ya know? How does someone even prepare for leaving their spouse for a long period of time?? Can you even do that? Is it really possible? If someone says so I flippen' doubt it! Lol. (Did you notice i said spouse 3 sentences ago, as if i'm a wife?! Haha. Shut up, Don't hate. I pretty much, practically, (almost) am! hah.)

Gosh but anyway, I was just looking at my calendar and counted and was like, omg! It really is only in 60 days! :( Gall it's so bitter sweet guys. I AM so excited. You have no idea how much of a process it's been and how long we've wanted this, but tonight is like some other times when it just hits me, the being gone part. And scensy(sensitive) Sally kicks in and tries bringin' me down! Lol. But can't a girl just sit in bed and cry?! I mean that's just being human though right? haha.

Agh, I'm just gonna miss this guy so much. I already do and he hasn't even left yet! Lol. Nbfr. Can someone play the violin for Nae?! Cause she's just having one of those nights! :( Lol. 

I mean, who wouldn't miss this?! haha

This has been Vent Sesh #1...many more to come.


  1. the waiting to wait is the HARDEST part!!! it gets so much better once hes gone, i promise. keep on making those good memories and loving the time you have left! youve got this, you know that of course.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the follow and I'm totally following back:) You and your boy are so cute together! But about the MG group, it's all over!! It's seriously the best group there and it helps you a lot and I know it seems hard right now (& it is!) but just remember it will get better eventually. You just have to get through the first few/couple of months:) Trust me. And if you want to join the MG group that I was talking about, just ask me! It's not as bad as I explained it in my blog. i was just venting and it's all over now. You'll love it:) All my friends are MGs I met on the group now and I actually hang out with them! We fly to one another. It's the best! Plus, chances are you'll find an MG that will be in your boy's mission area and they can keep tabs on him for you:) And keep your head up and stay strong. You can totally do it. just look at all the other MGs:) we survived! yay!

    sorry for the novel lol