Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Last Trip Together

So Muka and I have had a few trips together. Each one gets better and better. :) Our first was when we graduated high school in the summer of 2008. A group of us went down to St. George. Tons of fun. (: Our 2nd trip was last summer (2010) I took my sister to Hawaii for her *Sweet 16* and being that Muka's mom works for the airlines, he flew down as well. He grew up in Hawaii so it was awesome having someone there that is familiar with the area. Him and Sep have also been real close since the beginning of our relationship. That trip was AMAZING. Third trip was "camping"out in Manti while he was attending school at Snow College. Great quality time, major sunburn! Lol. And our last we did before he leaves was this past weekend at Echo Lake. It was me, Muka, and of coarse, my bff's....haha. my sisters sepa and sariah. :) It was tons of fun. The girls will be starting school in 2 weeks and Muka leaves in 2 months so we all thought it'd be fun. We invited friends, but everyone flaked and it ended up being us. :) which was just fine with me! Here's the pics i got from our trip!

 You know I had to get a solo shot sometime on the trip! Lol.

Muka's so good with kids. Which is so encouraging because i know he'll be a great dad. (:
Yes, I am the one that got -thee least- air. Lol. 3rd from the left. But i swear i jumped my highest. hahaha. 

Lol. An idea of his to do this pose.
 These weren't all the pictures but i know i've already posted enough. Lol. I don't know how to edit them yet while posting them in a blog so I'm sorry you've had to scroll down so much! All in all, just
when i think i love him to the max, a day passes and i love him even more. 

I had so much fun this weekend with my family and muka. I'm so grateful for the loved ones in my life.

Next trip will be when he gets back....Bora Bora. our honeymoon! Lol. (:

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