Saturday, October 8, 2011


Our Last Saturday:

to sum it up, we spent pretty much the entire day in Provo. Eating and visiting w/some of Muka's college friends, drove around...than went shopping (: (: I got my "countdown chart!!" (which i was soooo excited about. Lol.) We than went for ice cream and than come back to my house so he could
My countdown chart. (u fill in the letters)
watch football. Lol. It was a great day. With work I requested to be off for his last week here. My first day off was this past Wednesday, and everyday has been amazing. I am loving the days we spend together more as they come and go. And each day that passes I'm more and more ready for this process to begin. I've surprised myself with how positive I've been since this week started. Anytime some negative thought comes in my mind about all of this starting, it just gets overshadowed with my excitement and happiness for Muka...and for us. (:

..our last Saturday pictures before we start our new lives..
trying to act like he's sleeping
Getting ready to go to Provo

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  1. you guys are so adorable, it's ridiculous. gooooood luck on waiting. missionaries are beautiful and that's my two cents. lol. byyyye cassidi.