Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cupcakin' Anyone?! (;

today = best friday of my life.
because of this...
written letters + packages = my new obsession. LOVE.
and today, I got my first package! (: (: (: Inside (as you can see) was a letter, a memory card, a tape, AND a voice recorder! (: As you can see, in the voice recorder he placed another note. so not only did i get to enjoy looking at the pictures he's taken thus far on his memory card..but i got to listen to his voice and laugh that i've missed so much. Lol.
funny thing that i told Elder Atiga before he left, while we were doing his shopping for the mish., that i was gonna buy a voice recorder, so that we could send each other tapes to listen to! (my best friend my senior yr in high school did that w/her missionary.) This guy, (Elder Atiga) put down the idea. Well, he said that we'll be okay. We didn't need to go to that extent.
Well.....look who went to that extent! Haha. I was so surprised when i looked in the package and saw it!! one of the last things he wrote on the 2nd letter, that was inside the recorder...

..since i can't "talk" to you, this will be our "cupcakin" time (: Lol...

it was so funny listening to them. I got it and opened it when i went home for my lunch break. so i listened to the tape while making my lunch and eating...and than while driving back to work. haha. it was great...between him talking about his first week, to his companion and other elders givin' me shout outs, i literally laughed almost the whole time. hah. it was great hearing him again. and hearing other elders at the mtc with girlfriends back home...tellin' me what i know they'd want someone to tell their girlfriends. (or to remind them)....."stay strong.....and wait for him" haha. Typical guys, right?! (;

Anyways, I'm lovin' this experience so far. Of coarse I miss him. But, I'm totally diggin' this whole "MG life"..Lol. I know my mans good and healthy, he's in the best hands possible..(the lords)...we're good. I'm still lovin' him and he's still lovin' me!
I like it....I like it a lot. from his memory card..

his parent's anniversary dinner
Muka, his bro.-in-law Matt, and his sister Tangi

his little brother Duke and oldest brother Joey

Us (:

His parents (: Tangi and Joe.
at the mtc

his first (current) companion. Elder Szabo

they take pictures just like girls do. don't let them fool you!

  :) <-------This is a veerryy happy MG   



  1. Thanks Megan! ur posts r so cute. they always make me laugh (: