Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank You September (:

The ending of September/last 2 days of October, brought to light several things that I am more grateful for! Such as:

-my primary class. I teach the 11 year old primary girls and these girls are a handful. Lol. I love them all to death though and i love my calling. I swear as their teacher i learn more than they do...not only through the lessons but through them as well. I'm always humbled by their bravery and kindness.

- my ward's ysa. who always tries to keep me involved and welcomed to all of their activities. All the women in our ysa are awesome. (:

- retail therapy. never fails to brighten any stressful day I've had at the office.

- my handsome boyfriend Mark Henry (Muka) Atiga. who never fails to amaze me. (: Lol. but really, just when i think all boys growing up are hopeless, Muka does something and reminds me that there are still good guys out there. that have respect and manners. I follow one of muka's cousins blogs, her name is Leta, and she did a post just today or yesterday on "common mannerisms for guys." she talked about how she was so grateful for her dad and brothers that always showed her how things should be when it comes to guys such as: holding their bags or shoes while walking long distances, opening doors, walking on the outside of the road (closer to the street), etc. I was reading it and couldn't help but feel so grateful also because Muka is exactly that. He pretty much always opens the door for me when i'm going to get in the car, always walks on the side closest to the street, gives up his chair when a lady is in need,  and doesn't use bad language in front of females. I am so thankful to his parents for raising such a respectful ( and lets not forget handsome (; ) man. And when i say man, i say it because he meets the requirements that i think guys should meet when it comes to being a man. As women, we are expected to be able to cook, clean, take care of kids, etc. Well Muka meets all the "Men requirements"..he always changes my oil (which really surprises me how many guys don't know how to do.) lol, has changed my tire or came to the rescue anytime i have had car issues,  he can start a mean fire, is such a hard worker, and can give a meeeeaaan blessing! Oh and he's buff! what gets manlier than THAT! hahahaha. okay, okay, i better stop, cause frick, i could go on. haha. I'm just so grateful for Muka and all he does and puts up with (ESPECIALLY when it's come to my emotions these past 2 weeks! L0L.)

-living prophets and apostles. i was so grateful to have conference this past weekend. I really needed it to help me with my emotional struggles i've been having lately. it was the first time i've watched all 4 sessions. and i absolutely loved them. i loved more that i got to watch with muka (:

Last but not least,

- my little sister Sariah.
We celebrated her birthday the past weekend and as much as she may annoy me sometimes, i love and am grateful for her! ANYONE that knows this (overgrown) little girl, extra she is. Lol. Nbfr. She just turned 13 but looks like she's 16/17. This girl can talk crap all day. Haha. Beware trying to put her down or say something to her, cause i swear it's like she thinks of a whole list of things to say to you before you even say it. Haha. and odds are, she will beat you at better insults. (Except me of coarse, she knows she don't have nothing bad to say on me!  LOL) Anyway, I so grateful for Riah. Our family wouldn't be the same w/out her. (I know for a fact she stalks my blog, so i guess i'll write her a msg. hah.)
         You're becoming such a beautiful and strong young lady Ri and I hope you continue to remember your worth and to not ever settle for less. Don't ever let the rude things that girls and boys say or do to you at school effect you in a negative way. You know they're just jealous. Haha. Always know I'm here for whatev, me nd Sep got yur back (hah.)...if all else fails, nd we both have moved out....shoot, you know Lexxi is down to handle anybody! Lol.


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